Archery scope ring calculator 

To use this page you'll first need to find a ring size you're happy with at at least ONE distance.
1. Enter the details from the distance you're happy with into the "*** Source ***" section.
2. Enter the details of the distance and target face you'd like to move to and ring coverage.
3. Press Calculate.

*** Source ***
Original target face size (cm):

Original target distance (m):

Original ring inner diameter (mm):

Ring coverage (scoring zones):

*** Destination ***
New face size (cm):

New distance (m):

Desired coverage (scoring zones):

*** Result ***
New ring diameter (mm):

Eye to ring distance (cm):

Any questions, feedback or bug report please email

*** Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the calculations are accurate, I cannot be held responsible for
any damages caused or financial losses as a result of inaccurate calculations. ***

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