Archery target simulation generator V0.24 

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*** This website is still in beta, please check correctness with 1 sheet first before printing batches ***
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Patch notes:
Version 0.24 - Added "natual background" option to add background of blurred tree and sky for realism.
(Credit to Tim Holmes for the suggestion)
Previous versions:
Version 0.23 - Live display doesn't work for IE/Edge, changed workaround to download only on Edge.
Version 0.22 - Moved text for printer margin compatibility, Allowed negative target height for field simulation.
- Improved height calculation algorithm for a very small (probably negligible) accuracy gain.
Version 0.21 - Added field target option, and now supports up to 12 faces per sheet. Blue zone colour improved.
Version 0.20 - Added black background, added 1 zone target, optional recurve/compound ten and optional spider
Version 0.19 - Skipping the 9 because Microsoft and Apple
Version 0.18 - PDF was broken on chrome, fixed now.
Version 0.17 - Added height/distance text removal feature
Version 0.16 - Added horizontal and vertical flip function for some operating systems.
Version 0.15 - Added regen PDF button. Changed instruction info and colour.
Version 0.14 - A3 paper mode bug with faces going off screen should be fixed
Version 0.13 - Added checkbox to remove gold rings for "blank gold" training
Version 0.12 - Added 2 zone mode for gold only training
Version 0.11 - Fixed target height estimate to be done from eye level rather than top of head